Mellors Catering Services run a myriad of staff restaurants, coffee and deli bars in the work place.  These services are usually run with no financial risk to our clients, under typically a three or five year contract. 

What can we do?

We invest in and develop your current facilities as well as introducing fresh exciting menus including popular high street food.  By doing this, we will increase your customer satisfaction, which in turn increases sales.   

We have great staff at Mellors Catering Services and we like to look after them so consequently our staff retention is very good.

How do we work?

We provide bespoke catering solutions to suit your catering requirements including flexible service levels, breakfast, lunch and evening shift catering amongst others.  We can also provide popular vending options as well as any hospitality service requirement you have on-site.  Whatever you need, Mellors Catering Services can assist.