Balanced approach

Weekly menus provided by Mellors Catering Services have been planned to offer choice and variety for your child. We provide hot specials of the day, supported by fresh vegetables or salad, a vegetarian choice, hot and cold desserts, snacks and sandwiches, juices and drinks. We are continuously working to provide the variety of food your child wants to see. Your on-site catering team welcome any suggestions you may have regarding menu choices.


A sample Secondary School menu


School Food Standards

Mellors Catering Services is very proud to exceed School Food Standards, meaning we provide a balanced diet with the essential nutrients your child needs to excel. Research shows that only 1% of packed lunches meet these standards, with many students not making healthy food choices at lunchtime. Menus developed by Mellors Catering Services ensure your child is given the healthiest choices that provide them with at least two of the recommended 5-a-day portions of fruit and veg.

Special dietary information

Please contact your on-site catering manager if there are any specific dietary requirements we need to be aware of. This could include salt/sugar/fat content, level of dairy products or allergy information such as wheat, yeast, nuts, etc.

How will your child benefit?

Feedback from Mellors Catering Services sites suggest that the food provided help bring about better performance and concentration. Having a school meal means that your child is not only being educated to make good food choices in the future, but they are encouraged to try a variety of foods that they would not be faced with when having a packed lunch.

How will you benefit?

Mellors Catering Services want you to get the best value, therefore we keep costs as low as possible. Making a lunchbox for your child with the same nutritional value and variety not only takes up your time but it won’t save you as much money as you think.

We will also take away the hassle and save you time and you can rest assured that your child is eating the best balanced diet available to them. 

Cashless catering systems

We work with ParentPay and Tucasi to enable you to pay for your child's school meal online.  This gives you more control and a greater visibility on the food choices they are making and can be safer.  Contact your child's school to see if this system is available to you.